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Lowell Firefighters Credit Union of Lowell, MA, ~ Est. 1936
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Sell Your Ride

This new program allows you to post personal vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, and RVs through the Credit Union's AutoSMART website, accessed from our home page. This new service is free of charge for our members. Through Sell Your Ride, you are able to upload and post your vehicle's information, data and pictures on our AutoSMART site "Private Party" vehicles section. Posted vehicles will be seen locally by other members through their Credit Union's AutoSMART site, as well as nationally by 27.5 million members at the more than 930 credit unions currently using the AutoSMART program.

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Our Mission Statement

The Lowell Firefighters Credit Union is a member owned and operated financial institution. Our mission is to educate our members and provide a reliable, secure, friendly financial environment, which features benefits and advantages from our financial services, in order to help members gain some measure of personal financial success.


Is a lack of money the only thing standing BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR Dream Vacation? Apply for a Lowell Firefighters Credit Union Vacation Loan and get the cash you need for that getaway or for any other summer plans you may have!

Borrow Up To $2,000.00
At 5 % APR*
For a Term OF Up To 12 Months
Rate per Thousand (based on the longest term) $85.62.

Vacation Loans will only be available from May 1, 2014 thru August 31, 2014, so don’t put off applying. Visit the Credit Union today or apply online. Then start packing!

Announcing The Lowell Firefighters Credit Union
2014 Annual Director's Scholarship Awards Winners

We are pleased to announce the Annual Director's Scholarship Awards winners for 2014 and offer our congratulations.

The LFFCU Directors also wish to thank all who participated in this year's drawing.

Please see our News & Notes page for a listing of winners.

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